Illustration Friday- Voices from Heaven


The illustration is of my wife’s Uncle John O’Doherty who passed away on December 19, 2008. In 1924, he was born in Buncrana, Ireland and had one brother and two sisters. Later in life he decided to leave for the United States. He had lived many years in America and had served in the military. He had many stories of his adventures while serving in the armed forces.  He later married Sheila O’Sullivan from Kilogrin, Ireland.  They had many years of happiness until her death. He had moved back to Ireland to enjoy his retirement, where he enjoyed his pets and gardening. He will be missed by his family and friends.



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5 responses to “Illustration Friday- Voices from Heaven

  1. Lisa

    Mike, I like your work, Refreshingly different. Good style – hope you get good work

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your wife’s uncle!

  3. wonderful portrait. There is a skyful of life in his eyes.

    Great work!

  4. Great Illo. Love the clean lines and vibrant colour combination.

  5. Very well done. The colors, light and background match perfect with what you told in the post. A portrait beyond the physical similarity, bravo.

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